Abbreviations For U.S States

In this list, we present the abbreviations used for U.S. state names in the two main ISO formats. It’s always helpful to have a reference for these state names, especially when filling out forms or writing addresses.

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List Of U.S. State ISO Codes

State: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code / ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code
Alabama: AL, ALA
Alaska: AK, ALK
Arizona: AZ, ARZ
Arkansas: AR, ARK
California: CA, CAL
Colorado: CO, COL
Connecticut: CT, CT
Delaware: DE, DEL
Florida: FL, FLA
Georgia: GA, GA
Hawaii: HI, HAW
Idaho: ID, IDA
Illinois: IL, ILL
Indiana: IN, IND
Iowa: IA, IOW
Kansas: KS, KAN
Kentucky: KY, KY
Louisiana: LA, LA
Maine: ME, ME
Maryland: MD, MD
Massachusetts: MA, MASS
Michigan: MI, MICH
Minnesota: MN, MINN
Mississippi: MS, MISS
Missouri: MO, MO
Montana: MT, MONT
Nebraska: NE, NEB
Nevada: NV, NEV
New Hampshire: NH, NH
New Jersey: NJ, NJ
New Mexico: NM, NMEX
New York: NY, NY
North Carolina: NC, NC
North Dakota: ND, NDAK
Ohio: OH, OHIO
Oklahoma: OK, OKLA
Oregon: OR, ORE
Pennsylvania: PA, PA
Rhode Island: RI, RHO
South Carolina: SC, SC
South Dakota: SD, SD
Tennessee: TN, TENN
Texas: TX, TEX
Utah: UT, UTAH
Vermont: VT, VT
Virginia: VA, VA
Washington: WA, WASH
West Virginia: WV, WVA
Wisconsin: WI, WIS
Wyoming: WY, WYO

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