List Of 100 Common Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are an essential part of the English language, and mastering them is crucial for anyone looking to improve their fluency in English.

These versatile expressions combine a verb with a preposition or adverb, creating a new meaning that often cannot be deduced from the individual words alone.

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With this resource, we have compiled a list of 100 common phrasal verbs, complete with examples and explanations, to help you expand your vocabulary and enhance your communication skills.

Add up
Ask around
Back down
Back up
Blow up
Break down
Break up
Bring about
Bring in
Bring up
Brush off
Brush up on
Call off
Carry on
Carry out
Check out
Cheer up
Come across
Come around
Come up with
Count on
Cross out
Cut down
Deal with
Do away with
Draw up
Drop by
Drop off
Drop out
Face up to
Fall apart
Figure out
Fill in
Fill out
Find out
Get along with
Get over
Give away
Give in
Give up
Go after
Go over
Go through
Hand in
Hang out
Hang up
Hold back
Hold on
Hold up
Keep away from
Keep on
Keep up with
Let down
Look after
Look forward to
Look up
Make out
Make up
Make up for
Pass away
Pay off
Phase out
Pick out
Pick up
Pick up on
Play around with
Point out
Pull off
Put down
Put off
Put up with
Read up on
Run into
Run out of
Set up
Settle down
Show off
Show up
Speak up
Stand out
Take after
Take apart
Take down
Take off
Talk over
Tear up
Think over
Think up
Tie up
Try on
Turn around
Turn down
Turn in
Turn up
Use up
Watch out for
Work on
Work out
Write down

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