List Of 100 Fascinating Victorian Era Words

The Victorian Era, which spanned from 1837 to 1901, was a time of great innovation and transformation in many areas, including language.

During this period, the English language experienced a surge of creativity, with many new words and phrases being coined and adopted into common usage. Some of these words have persisted over time, while others have fallen out of favor and are now considered archaic or obsolete.

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This list of 100 Victorian Era words offers a fascinating glimpse into the language and culture of this influential period!

Ablutions – Washing or cleansing of the body.
Alack – An expression of regret or disappointment.
Alacrity – Cheerful readiness, willingness.
Alewife – A woman who brews or sells ale.
Apothecary – A person who prepares and sells medicines.
Arrant – Complete, utter.
Artifice – A clever trick or deception.
Assiduous – Diligent, hardworking.
Aught – Anything, any part.
Bandy – To discuss or exchange ideas.
Bawdy – Vulgar, obscene.
Betrothed – Engaged to be married.
Blithe – Happy, cheerful.
Boisterous – Energetic, lively.
Breeches – Short trousers, knee-length pants.
Brouhaha – A noisy or chaotic situation or disturbance.
Bumfuzzle – To confuse or perplex someone.
Celerity – Swiftness, speed.
Codswallop – Nonsense or foolish talk.
Commodious – Spacious, roomy.
Comportment – Behavior, conduct.
Consternation – Shock, dismay.
Countenance – Facial expression, appearance.
Cravat – A necktie.
Credulity – Gullibility, trustfulness.
Cumbrous – Heavy, awkward.
Dapper – Neat, well-dressed.
Dauntless – Fearless, brave.
Debonair – Suave, sophisticated.
Deference – Respect, submission.
Demure – Modest, reserved.
Derision – Ridicule, mockery.
Discombobulate – To confuse, disconcert.
Disconsolate – Sad, unhappy.
Disparate – Different, diverse.
Distaff – A woman’s work or sphere of influence.
Doth – Does.
Droll – Amusing, comical.
Efficacious – Effective, successful.
Egregious – Outstandingly bad, shocking.
Eloquence – Persuasive, effective speaking or writing.
Endearment – A word or act expressing affection.
Ennui – Boredom, listlessness.
Equanimity – Calmness, composure.
Ere – Before.
Erroneous – Mistaken, incorrect.
Eschew – To avoid, shun.
Ethereal – Delicate, light, airy.
Evince – To show, display.
Excoriate – To criticize or condemn severely.
Exigency – Urgency, necessity.
Expostulate – To reason or argue with someone.
Fiddle-faddle – Nonsense or foolish talk.
Fiddlesticks – An expression of annoyance or disbelief.
Flapdoodle – Foolish or trivial talk or ideas.
Fop – A vain or foolish man overly concerned with his appearance.
Fopdoodle – A foolish or insignificant person.
Forbearance – Patience, restraint.
Fortitude – Courage, strength.
Frivolous – Silly, unimportant.
Fusty – Old-fashioned, musty.
Galvanize – To stimulate or excite into action.
Genteel – Refined, polite, well-bred.
Gesticulate – To make gestures while speaking.
Glean – To gather or collect something in small quantities.
Gobbledygook – Confusing or meaningless language.
Gossamer – Delicate, light, filmy.
Grandiloquent – Pompous, using fancy words unnecessarily.
Gregarious – Sociable, outgoing.
Harangue – A long, passionate, and aggressive speech.
Harbinger – A sign or indication of something to come.
Hark – To listen attentively.
Heinous – Shockingly wicked or evil.
Higgledy-piggledy – In a confused or disorganized manner.
Histrionic – Overly dramatic or theatrical.
Hoary – Gray or white with age, ancient.
Hocus-pocus – Deceptive or fraudulent behavior or talk.
Hornswoggle – To deceive or swindle someone.
Humbug – Deceptive or false talk or behavior.
Ignominy – Public shame or disgrace.
Impedimenta – Baggage or obstacles that slow someone down.
Impetuous – Impulsive, hasty.
Implore – To beg or plead urgently.
Incongruous – Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.
Inculcate – To instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction.
Indefatigable – Tireless, persistent, never giving up.
Indignation – Anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment.
Inscrutable – Impossible to understand or interpret.
Insipid – Lacking flavor, dull or uninteresting.
Insolent – Rude, disrespectful, or arrogant.
Insouciant – Carefree, nonchalant.
Intrepid – Fearless, adventurous.
Jocular – Humorous, joking.
Lollygag – To spend time aimlessly or lazily.
Poppycock – Nonsense or foolish talk.
Ragamuffin – A dirty or disheveled person, often a child.
Rapscallion – A mischievous or impish person.
Skedaddle – To run away quickly.
Skullduggery – Dishonest or deceitful behavior.
Whippersnapper – A young, inexperienced person who is disrespectful or impudent.

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