150 Funny English Words With Meanings

English is a language full of quirks and idiosyncrasies that make it endlessly fascinating. One thing that makes the language so entertaining is the wealth of funny words that exist within it.

From words that are just plain silly-sounding to those with bizarre meanings, there’s no shortage of amusement to be found in the English language!

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In this list we look at 150 funny English words and their meanings. Some of these words you may have heard before, while others may be entirely new to you. Regardless of whether you’re a native speaker or learning English as a second language, we’re confident that you’ll find something to chuckle about in this collection of humorous vocabulary.

Funny Words That Start With A

Abecedarian – Something that is arranged alphabetically or follows the order of the alphabet.
Absquatulate – To leave quickly or abruptly.

Funny Words That Start With B

Balderdash – Senseless talk or writing; nonsense.
Ballyhoo – Exaggerated or sensational promotion or advertising, often used to attract attention or generate hype.
Bamboozled – To deceive or trick someone through clever or deceitful means.
Biblioklept – Someone who steals books.
Blubber – To cry uncontrollably.
Blubber – Excessive or uncontrollable crying or weeping, often accompanied by loud or noisy sobs.
Blunderbuss – A type of old-fashioned gun with a wide opening that could shoot multiple projectiles at once.
Brouhaha – A noisy and overexcited reaction to something.
Bumbershoot – An old-fashioned term for an umbrella.
Bumfuzzle – To confuse or perplex someone.
Bunghole – A hole in a cask or barrel used for pouring or filling.
Bupkis – Nothing, or a small and insignificant amount.

Funny Words That Start With C

Cack-handed – Awkward or clumsy.
Cackle – A loud, shrill laugh.
Caddyshack – A type of comedy movie set on a golf course.
Canoodle – To engage in affectionate or playful physical contact, often used to describe cuddling or kissing.
Cattywampus – Askew or not aligned properly, often used to describe something that is crooked or out of place.
Chortle – A chuckle mixed with a snort.
Cleek – A scottish term for a hook or a crooked stick.
Collywobbles – A feeling of nervousness or anxiety in the stomach, often accompanied by physical discomfort or queasiness.
Commodious – Spacious, roomy.
Cumbrous – Heavy, awkward.

Funny Words That Start With D

Dillydally – To waste time or procrastinate.
Diphthong – A combination of two vowel sounds in a single syllable, such as the “Oi” in “Boil”.
Discombobulate – To confuse, disconcert.
Distaff – A woman’s work or sphere of influence.
Dollop – A small amount or portion of something, often used to describe a scoop or blob of food or cream.
Doodle – To make random or aimless drawings or scribbles.
Doohickey – A small and unspecified gadget or device.

Funny Words That Start With E

Erf – A scottish term for a small plot of land or a field.
Expostulate – To reason or argue with someone.

Funny Words That Start With F

Fartlek – A type of training exercise used in running that involves varying speeds and intensity levels.
Festooned – Decorated with strings of ribbons, flowers, or other ornaments.
Fiddle-faddle – Nonsense or trivial talk.
Fipple – The mouthpiece of a wind instrument, such as a flute or recorder.
Flabbergast – To surprise or astonish someone to the point of being speechless.
Flapdoodle – Nonsense or foolish talk.
Flibbertigibbet – A frivolous or flighty person who is easily distracted or fickle.
Floccinaucinihilipilification – The act of considering something to be completely worthless or unimportant.
Flummox – To confuse or perplex someone.
Fop – A man who is overly concerned with his appearance or fashion, often considered to be effeminate or superficial.
Foppish – Having characteristics of a vain, self-centered man who is overly concerned with his appearance or fashion.
Frippery – Ornamental or decorative items that are considered to be excessive or unnecessary.
Frou-frou – Ornamental or decorative items that are considered to be excessive or frivolous, often used to describe clothing or fashion.
Fuddy-duddy – A person who is overly conservative or old-fashioned in their ways and thinking.
Fusty – Old-fashioned, musty.

Funny Words That Start With G

Gadzooks – An expression of surprise or amazement.
Geebung – An australian shrub or small tree with edible fruit.
Gobbledygook – Language that is meaningless or hard to understand, often used to describe bureaucratic or technical jargon.
Guffaw – A loud and boisterous laugh.

Funny Words That Start With H

Harangue – A long, passionate, and aggressive speech.
Higgledy-piggledy – In a messy or disordered manner.
Hijinks – Playful or mischievous behavior.
Hoary – Gray or white with age, ancient.
Hocus-pocus – Trickery or deception, often used in reference to magic tricks.
Hodgepodge – A mixture or jumble of things, often with no clear pattern or organization.
Hoecake – A type of cornbread that is cooked on a griddle or skillet.
Hogwash – Nonsense or foolish talk, often used to dismiss something as untrue or absurd.
Hoodwink – To deceive or trick someone, often through dishonest or deceitful means.
Hooey – Nonsense or absurdity.
Hootenanny – A lively social gathering or party.
Hullaballoo – A noisy or chaotic situation, often accompanied by shouting or commotion.

Funny Words That Start With I

Ignominy – Public shame or disgrace.
Ignominy – Public shame or disgrace.
Indefatigable – Tireless, persistent, never giving up.

Funny Words That Start With J

Jabberwocky – Language or speech that is nonsensical or difficult to understand.
Jackanapes – A cheeky or impertinent person, often used to describe a mischievous child.
Jape – A practical joke or prank.
Jiggery-pokery – Dishonest or deceitful behavior.

Funny Words That Start With K

Kerflop – A sudden, heavy fall or collapse.
Kerfuffle – A commotion or fuss, often over something trivial.
Kerplunk – A loud, sudden noise.
Kibitzer – A person who gives unwanted or intrusive advice or comments, often used in card games or other competitions.

Funny Words That Start With L

Lickety-split – Very quickly.
Lickspittle – A person who behaves obsequiously in order to gain favor.
Lollygag – To spend time aimlessly or idly.

Funny Words That Start With M

Malarkey – Nonsense or foolish talk.
Mollycoddle – To treat someone with excessive or overprotective care, often to the point of spoiling or coddling them.
Mumbo jumbo – Language or behavior that is meaningless or nonsensical.

Funny Words That Start With N

Nincompoop – A foolish or stupid person.
Ninnyhammer – A foolish or silly person.
Noodle – To think or ponder, often excessively.
Nudiustertian – The day before yesterday.

Funny Words That Start With P

Palooza – An extravagant or over-the-top event or celebration.
Piddly – Insignificant or trivial.
Piffle – Nonsense or foolish talk, often used to dismiss something as trivial or unimportant.
Popple – To bubble or ripple, often used to describe water or waves.
Poppycock – Nonsense or foolishness.
Pronk – A type of bouncing or jumping movement often used by antelopes or gazelles.
Puggle – A small dog breed that is a cross between a pug and a beagle.

Funny Words That Start With R

Ragamuffin – A person, often a child, who is dressed in rags or shabby clothing.
Razzle-dazzle – Flashy or ostentatious display, often used in reference to show business.
Razzmatazz – Exciting or showy display or behavior.
Rigmarole – A lengthy and complicated procedure or process.
Rubaboo – A type of canadian soup made with meat, vegetables, and a thickener.

Funny Words That Start With S

Salopettes – A type of skiing or snowboarding pants that are insulated and waterproof.
Scalawag – A mischievous or roguish person.
Schmooze – To engage in smooth and flattering talk with the intention of gaining favor or advantage.
Scuttlebutt – Rumors or gossip.
Shenanigans – Playful or mischievous activity or behavior.
Skedaddle – To run away quickly or flee in a hurry.
Skive – To avoid work or school.
Skullduggery – Dishonest or deceitful behavior.
Slumgullion – A type of stew made from leftovers or odds and ends of food.
Snafu – A confused or chaotic situation.
Snickerdoodle – A type of cookie.
Snickersnee – A long knife with a wavy or serrated edge, often used for cutting or slicing.
Snollygoster – A clever, unscrupulous person.
Sozzled – Extremely drunk or intoxicated.
Spelunker – A person who explores caves.
Spiffy – Stylish or well-dressed.
Spleenwort – A type of fern that was traditionally used for medicinal purposes.
Splendiferous – Splendid or magnificent.
Squabble – A petty argument or disagreement.
Squee – An exclamation of delight or excitement.
Squeegee – A tool with a rubber blade used for cleaning or removing liquid from surfaces.
Squiffy – Slightly drunk or tipsy.
Stumblebum – A clumsy or uncoordinated person, often used to describe someone who is drunk or intoxicated.

Funny Words That Start With T

Taradiddle – A lie or pretentious talk.
Tintinnabulation – The ringing or sound of bells.
Tittynope – A small quantity of something left over.
Tizzy – A state of confusion or agitation.
Toodle-oo – Goodbye.
Topsy-turvy – Upside down or in a state of confusion.
Trollop – A derogatory term for a woman who is promiscuous or sexually immoral.
Twaddle – Silly or trivial talk.

Funny Words That Start With V

Vamoose – To leave quickly or in a hurry.

Funny Words That Start With W

Wackadoodle – Crazy or eccentric.
Whatchamacallit – A word used when one cannot remember or does not know the name of something.
Whiffler – A person who clears the way or paves the way for others, often used in historical contexts to describe a ceremonial or processional role.
Whimsy – Fanciful or playful behavior or thinking.
Whippersnapper – A young and inexperienced person who is perceived as impertinent or disrespectful.
Whirligig – A spinning toy or device, often powered by wind or water.
Widdershins – Moving in a counterclockwise direction, often used in magical or supernatural contexts.
Wigwag – To signal with a flag or light.
Williwaw – A sudden and violent gust of wind, often experienced in coastal or mountainous areas.
Woggle – A device used to fasten a scarf or neckerchief.
Wonky – Unsteady or unstable.
Woohoo – An exclamation of excitement or joy.
Wunderkind – A young person who is exceptionally talented or successful.

Funny Words That Start With Y

Yahoo – An uncultivated or uncivilized person.
Yapper – A person who talks excessively.
Yikes – An expression of surprise, shock, or fear.
Yowza – An exclamation of surprise or excitement.

Funny Words That Start With Z

Zany – Silly, comical, or clownish.
Zigzag – A series of sharp turns or changes in direction.
Zinger – A witty or pointed remark.
Zonked – Extremely tired or exhausted.

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